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Government Ethics Campaign - 2002

Set out below are documents produced by Democracy Watch's Government Ethics Campaign in 2002:

  • OP-ED: The Ethics Shuffle (January 16, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Group Raises Questions About Ethics Counsellor's Speech Tomorrow at "Access Government " Conference (January 22, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Ethics Counsellor's Activities Raise Questions About His Compliance with Lobbying Law and Official Duties (January 28, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Governments Should Act On Corporate Responsibility and Democracy Report (January 31, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Raises Serious Concerns About Canadian Alliance and All Other Leadership Races (March 8, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Group Calls For Clean-Up of Ontario Tory and Other Provincial Party Leadership Races (March 14, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Ethics Rules Prohibit Donations to Party Leadership Candidates, and Lobbyists or Contractors on Campaigns (April 22, 2002)
  • OP-ED: "Government ethics" does not have to be an oxymoron (May 9, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Calls for Investigations of Senators in Possible Conflicts, and for Stronger, Fully Enforced Ethics Rules for All Parliamentarians (May 23, 2002) PLEASE READ NOTE RE: CORRECTION AT TOP OF THIS RELEASE
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Files Ethics Complaints Against Lobbyists, Calls for Effective Enforcement of New Rules (June 17, 2002)
  • OP-ED: "Ethics package" actually Chrétien's deception and defence package (June 24, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Apologizes for Unfounded Allegations of Conflict of Interest Against Senator Hervieux-Payette (July 31, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Files Ethics Complaints Against Lobbyists Who Paid for Access to Cabinet Ministers (September 26, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: If Throne Speech is a Pack of Lies, Canadians Need An Easy Way to Hold Government Accountable (October 1, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Files Ethics Complaints Against Lobbyists Who Donated to Liberal Leadership Ministers (October 17, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Ethics Counsellor Has No Investigative Powers, Actual Investigation of MacAulay Situation Still Needed (October 22, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Stronger Measures Needed to Ensure Honest, Ethical Government (October 23, 2002)
  • OP-ED: MPs as Patronage Lobbyists Bad for Democracy, Society and the Economy (October 28, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Donations and Lobbying by Top Federal Government Contractors Reveal Problem of Money in Politics (October 31, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Coalition Calls for Stronger Lobbying Law (November 21, 2002)
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Democracy Watch Launches Court Challenge of Ethics Counsellor's Bias, Delay and Failure to Fulfill Legal Duties in Eight Complaints (December 18, 2002)

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