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Please join with the more than 16,000 Canadians supporting Democracy Watch's
work to clean up and make governments and corporations more responsible and accountable to you, and to make Canada the world's leading democracy!

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Democracy Watch is supported only by donations from individuals and citizen groups, so without your support it will be forced to close its doors and end its winning campaigns for good government accountability and corporate responsibility in Canada:

  • Donate $200 or more to Democracy Watch and you will receive complimentary copies of Democracy Watch's book More Canada Firsts (written by Democracy Watch Coordinator Duff Conacher and published November 1999) and the 1993 #1-best seller Canada firsts (co-authored by Duff Conacher and leading U.S. citizen advocate Ralph Nader and Nadia Milleron);
  • Donate $100 or more to Democracy Watch and you can choose to receive either a copy of More Canada Firsts or a copy of Canada Firsts.
Supporters of Democracy Watch receive the best citizen advocacy in Canada -- the most victories of any Canadian citizen group, working on any issue, since 1994 (Summary of Democracy Watch's Achievements) and more media coverage than almost all other citizen groups (List of Media Coverage of Democracy Watch)!

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No matter what problem in Canada concerns you, making the federal government more accountable will help solve the problem.  There is a window of opportunity over the next few years to clean up the federal government and make it much more accountable than it has ever been.  With your support, Democracy Watch will lead its nation-wide coalitions in effective campaigns to win key changes to government ethics, waste prevention, open government, lobbying and money in politics laws.   

[More Canada Firsts book

[Canada Firsts book

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In addition, Democracy Watch supporters receive discounts on publications, and members of the DemocratizACTION Network receive email ACTIONAlerts which give information about Democracy Watch's proposals for change and detail how you can help with campaigns (Sign up for the DemocratizaACTION Network's email Action Alert List)

Because of its strong advocacy on many issues, Democracy Watch is not eligible for charitable status and does not receive money from charitable foundations (although Democracy Watch has received a few grants in the past from foundations allowed to donate to advocacy groups).

The proceeds from Canada Firsts: Ralph Nader's Salute to Canada and Canadian Achievement, which Democracy Watch's Coordinator Duff Conacher co-authored with Ralph Nader and Nadia Milleron, were donated to Democracy Watch to help it start up. Canada Firsts, published in December 1992, contains the stories behind over 170 things that Canadians have done first or foremost in the world. It is still available by ordering through bookstores across Canada.

The proceeds from More Canada Firsts: Another Collection of Canadian Firsts and Foremosts in the World are also being donated to Democracy Watch to help it continue its leading democratic reform and corporate accountability campaigns in Canada. More Canada Firsts contains the stories behind over 200 more things Canadians have done first or foremost in the world. It is available on the shelves at bookstores across the country.

Please send the form with your donation (cash or cheque) to:
Democracy Watch
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Tel: (613) 241-5179
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E-mail: dwatch@web.net

and please visit Democracy Watch if you are in Ottawa at 
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(building is between Rideau St. and Besserer St., entrance on corner of Nicholas and Besserer)