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Gomery Commission's Second Report Contains Six Recommendations that the Conservatives Should Add to Their Planned "Federal Accountability Act" (Democracy Watch news release, February 1, 2006) -- To see also the column in the Calgary Sun (February 2, 2006) which quotes Democracy Watch Coordinator Duff Conacher, click here

Overview of Gomery Commission's 2nd Report (by staff of the Library of Parliament)

Conservatives' pledge to close most loopholes in federal government's accountability system -- but leave some key loopholes (Democracy Watch op-ed published in the Winnipeg Free Press, January 28, 2006) -- To see also the article in the Hill Times (January 30, 2006), which quotes part of the opinion piece, click here

Federal Conservative Party Has Best Government Accountability Election Platform -- NDP, Greens, Bloc Tied Not Far Behind, Liberal Grades Much Worse -- All Platforms Still Have Key Gaps. . . (Democracy Watch's FEderal Election 2006 Report Card on the Government Accountability Platforms, January 18, 2006) -- See also WEBSITE ARTICLE on CTV.ca's website about this news release by clicking here and WEBSITE ARTICLE on Canoe.ca website about this news release by clicking here

Conservatives' Ethics Accountability Pledges Much Better Than Other Parties, But Still Have Key Gaps (Democracy Watch news release, November 4, 2005)

Gomery's Second Report, Parties Now and in Election, Must Clean Up System to Prevent Future Scandals (Democracy Watch news release, November 3, 2005)

Paul Martin and Almost All Liberal Ministers, MPs, Staff, Appointees Responsible for Adscam -- Broke Integrity Promises, Should Not Be Trusted Now (Democracy Watch news release, November 2, 2005)

Federal Adscam sponsorship program scandal is a symptom of how the government accountbaility system is the scandal (Maclean's magazine article, October 31, 2005 edition)

Federal Liberals' Lobbying Scandal is 11 Years Old (Democracy Watch op-ed published in the Hill Times, October 24, 2005)

NDP's "Ethics" Package Fails to Address Many Key Ethics Gaps in Federal Government (Democracy Watch news release, October 15, 2005)

Will Parties Work Together to Clean-Up the Federal Government? (Democracy Watch news release, April 28, 2005)

Democracy Watch Coordinator Duff Conacher's "The System is the Scandal" Op-Ed on Reaction to the Gomery Commission (published in the Toronto Star on April 14, 2005, the Calgary Herald on April 17, 2005, and the Moncton Times Transcript on April 27, 2005)

In TV Appearances, Prime Minister and Opposition Party Leaders Try to Mislead Canadians (Letter-to-the-editor,Hill Times, May 2, 2005)

Federal Ethics Commissioner Continues Completely Ineffective Enforcement of Cabinet Ethics Rules (Op-ed published in the Hill Times, April 25, 2005)

Enforcer of Lobbyists Code of Conduct Still Lacks Needed Independence and Resources (Letter-to-the-editor,Hill Times, March 28, 2005)

Democracy Watch Needs Support in its Push to Clean-up the Federal Government (Toronto Star (Linda McQuaig column) April 17, 2005)

Democracy Watch Coordinator Duff Conacher's "Commentary" on CBC Radio (April 7, 2005 - Link takes you to CBC webpage where you can either read the Commentary piece or listen to it using Real Audio computer program)

Democracy Watch Coordinator Duff Conacher interviewed on Radio Canada International (April 12, 2005 - Link takes you to Radio Canada International (RCI) webpage where you will see news piece entitled "Politics and Corruption" -- at the bottom of the page you will see links to  listen to, or download, the news piece with Windows Media Player computer program)

Duff Conacher, Coordonnateur du Démocratie en surveillance, sur Radio Canada International (12 avril 2005 - Il y a un lien d'Internet sur ce page web RCI pour entendre l'émission avec le programme machine "Windows Media Player")

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